Entries by Gurpreet Singh

July – Harkirat Singh

I’m Harkirat Singh from Northampton and I attend Sikh camps and workshops all over the world.  Please check out the Sikh Education Service. Q. Tell us about yourself and your profession? A.  I was blessed to progress my accountancy into an International Tax Specialist, and then at the age of 35, having had multiple health […]

June – Tarsem Singh

I’m Tarsem Singh an IT director based in the Midlands, passionate about creating and developing Sikh resources. Q. Tell us about yourself and your profession? A.  I am an IT Director with a background in Computing Science and have been leading Software Development teams for over 20 years. Q. Your Child/Children’s ages, who they are […]

May – Harinder Singh

I’m Harinder Singh and about as west as West London could get for a while (Southall). Since then life and living has moved me to a place where I’m possibly the only Singh in the Cobham Village along with my son who’s now 6 months old! As you’ll see later that’s a rather interesting place […]

April – Mankamal Singh

My name is Mankamal Singh. I was born, raised and live in Ilford. I did go to University in Leicester and lived there during that period, but otherwise, my base has always been Ilford. Q. Tell us about yourself and your profession? A.  I was one of those individuals who fell into Accounting and Finance after leaving […]

March – Paramveer Singh

My name is Paramveer Singh (mostly known as Pete Singh), I live in the Midlands and am a father of 2. Q. Tell us about yourself and your profession? A.  Hmmm a little about myself? Well, a few of my main loves are Paneer, Gym, Family and Motorbikes.  I’m a Security Consultant for Knights Security, […]

February – Jagjit Singh

My name is Jagjit Singh, I am originally from London and lived there until I was 20 years old.  I then moved to Yorkshire, where I am until this day, settled with my family. Q. Tell us about yourself and your profession? A.  I have been in Sikhi for 25 years, and Guru Ji has […]

January – Chaz Singh

My name is Chaz Singh (Charanjeet) for those wondering. I am a born and bred Brummie but left there in 2002 to where I live in Plymouth now (not Portsmouth) and to those who know I am #thatmanwiththeTurban Q. Tell us about yourself and your profession? A. I am a community activist with Equality and […]

The Early Days…

After all the Dad’s had created their introduction videos, it was time to start the first series.  I wanted to capture their early thoughts and memories about what it was to be a Father.  The idea of starting from the beginning was for us to follow their journeys right up until the present day.  At […]

The Journey so far…

Initially, I was asked what’s this all about?  Is this aimed at educating, creating awareness or just a bit of fun? The answer is yes education and awareness with a bit of fun along the way.  The first Ultimate Father and Why Sikh Dad?? Videos were created to set the scene for what I had […]