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Time For A Change

So now the adventure that I have been referring to over the last few months has been revealed (in my previous few social media posts) it’s about giving you all some background to how this all came about.  When I started parent blogging on IG nearly two years ago, I never would have said that […]

Testing Times

You may be wondering why I haven’t written a piece in over a month?  Or you may just be happy to hear from me (I hope it’s the latter).  Social media activity has been minimal for the last month; this is due to the new adventure I mentioned last time out.  All I can reveal […]

New Adventures

This week started with a new adventure for me, something I have wanted to do for a while.  It may not have been presented to me in the format I was expecting, however, I trusted my instincts and went with it.  You are probably thinking “What is he on about?”  I’m afraid I can’t say any […]

I don’t have the time

Yes, that’s the title, as I am one of those guys that say it all the time!  In saying it, you begin to believe it and it becomes your mind-set, the comfortable excuse you tell yourself, “It’s ok you don’t have time for that”.  I am now trying to change that, it’s not easy and […]

Khalsa Family Retreat 2018

I had not been to a Sikh camp for over six years, so to say I was looking forward to the Khalsa Family retreat was an understatement! It was held during the Xmas holidays, beginning on Thu 27th Dec and running until Sun 30th Dec and our first ever camp together as a family. The […]

December – Sukhdip Singh

My name is Sukhdip Singh I am 51 years old from Kettering, I dedicate my spare time to marathon running, with my nickname “Super Singh” on my running shorts trying to raise awareness around the globe. Q. Tell us about yourself and profession? A. I have been employed in the steel industry for over 30 […]

November – Bobby Singh

Bobby Singh is a successful entrepreneur, property expert and has served in a senior management capacity at PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG. He has experience in national & international businesses handling Consulting, Finance & Research; apart from carrying out critical leadership functions. He is a prominent speaker on public forums and in media. His multi-award winning Group […]

October – Balbir Singh

My name is Balbir Singh Sangha, I am 64 years of age and live in East London. I have four beautiful children, all of whom are now married, and five lovely grandchildren. I have been living in the UK since the early 1960s. Q. Tell us about yourself and your profession? A. I am a […]

September – Albel Singh

I’m Albel Singh, a Microbiologist, I am going to share my feelings and I hope this will have an effect on anyone, with gurus grace I am going to try to answer these questions. Q. Tell us about yourself and your profession? A.  I wish for this question I could only say that I am […]

August – Bhagat Singh

I’m Bhagat Singh, originally from Leeds but currently residing in Bradford, in Yorkshire (commonly referred to as God’s Country) 😀 Q. Tell us about yourself and your profession? A.  I’m currently 39 years old and I’m a freelance graphic designer and online media creator, working from home. Aside from my vocation, I’m involved in the […]